Full administration, record keeping, reporting, and investment services, are what you need to keep your employees on the most successful path.

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Empower Employees to Save for Their Retirement

Would you like your employees to be automatically enrolled in the perfect plan, based on age, income, current savings account balance, and outside assets? We can help your employees decide how much to save, and when to make adjustments based on major life changes. For participants who are more independent, you can provide self-directed resources to go with a broader plan. When you decide to go with Lionsgate Investments, Inc., you get the confidence and trust knowing that your employees are now empowered to save for their retirement. Let’s focus on the best strategies by streamlining your employees retirement investing. Many of our competitors have very high fees which can quickly deplete your employee’s savings. We offer an affordable fee structure that is simple and straightforward. Whether it’s an all-index mutual fund or an all-exchange-traded fund line up you can rest assured that you’re providing the perfect framework to help your employees save more.

Independent Advice Will Create Better Savings

Those who received consulting often saved over 65% more than those who didn’t. That’s why Lionsgate Investments, Inc. gives you intelligent options in how your employees gain support to meet their savings objectives. Our services provide the guidance to diversify your employee’s investments based on a wide variety of factors and circumstances in their life. We will help them stay on track in saving for the right retirement objectives.

Go Beyond Education and Consulting

Lionsgate Investments, Inc. will provide solid resources your employees can use to stay on top of their plan and to make sure they’re on a strong path toward their retirement goals. We will keep your employees updated on what’s happening in their plan and provide them with insight, to help them monitor whether or not they’re on target to meet their objectives.

Defined Benefit Plans

You can provide a traditional defined benefit or offer cash balance plan to demonstrate a strong commitment to your employees. We share those goals and realize that sponsoring one of these choices requires significant know-how and expertise. That’s why we offer a variety of services-so that you can custom-tailor those services that are right for your employees. We can provide record keeping and administration services, actuarial consulting, and trust and custody services to help you deliver the benefits that your employees hope for.

Non Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Company executives or other highly compensated employees may require additional options to help them plan their retirement needs. For many companies, nonqualified deferred compensation plans play a vital part in a complete compensation package created with the precise intent to attract and retain these key employees.
We take the time to understand the unique concepts of executive benefit programs, and we have the expertise to help your company establish and implement integrated approaches, which help employees make the most of your benefit plans. Choose those services that are right for you. Full administration, record keeping, reporting, and investment services, are what you need to keep your employees on the most successful path.